Message by The Honorary Consul, Dr. Henry Savarimuthu



Dr. Henry

As members of the Commonwealth, Vanuatu and Malaysia have been associated with each other for a very long time. The amount of trade between the two countries has been very small and can be a great potential in future. As there is no High Commissioner for Vanuatu in Malaysia, the Vanuatu Government decided to appoint an Honorary Consul to look after the interest of Ni-Vanuatu citizens in Malaysia and South East Asia and in particular to improve the commercial ties between the two countries.

Malaysian citizens do not require a Visa to enter Vanuatu. Citizens of certain countries will need for an Entry Visa or a transit Visa either by applying directly to Vanuatu or through the Vanuatu Consulate in Kuala Lumpur before proceeding to Vanuatu. Instructions and Visa applications forms can be downloaded from this site.

Like Malaysia, Vanuatu's long term prosperity depends on successful and sustainable enterprise and to this end Vanuatu is committed to make it easier for enterprises to establish a mutually advantageous commercial relationship between the two countries. The Vanuatu Consulate has been established to assist Malaysian companies or entrepreneurs who would like to explore the possibilities of profitable business with Vanuatu, in association with the government agency, Vanuatu International Promotional Authority (VIPA). Please complete the Business Enquiry Form as an initial introduction of your business.

I trust that you will find our website and information herein are useful to the Vanuatu citizen in Malaysia and in the South East Asian region and also as a general introduction as to what Vanuatu can do for the benefit of Malaysian Companies or Entrepreneurs. I therefore look forward to hear from any interested party in the near future.

Dr. Henry Savarimuthu